A Few Thoughts on Trying to Give More Than Take

Over the last few months I have been trying to figure out what I have to offer others, to find “my voice”, and to narrow down my areas of interest so I can focus on one or two things that others might find interesting and useful.

In reality, this exercise has done nothing but remind me that if I try to “focus my efforts” on what I think other people are interested in reading about, the only thing I have accomplished is to add to the ever increasing cacophony that is the World Wide Web, and stifled my own, unique and God-given voice in the process.

If I hope to give anyone even the smallest modicum of something useful and practical, I have to start at the most basic level. I have to start by giving myself. Not some contrived, “better than the original”, only sharing the good parts, watered down and pruned version of myself, but the real me. The real me that longs to find the approval of others in the things that I do and share with the world. The real me that looks for community among other artists and creative people in the crazy, mixed up family we call Christianity.

It’s not easy to just be myself, but I am certainly going to try. That means I might write about worship and faith related topics one day, only to switch and write about fiction or creative writing another day. I am not simply a brand that must be forced into one niche or category to help optimize my search engine find ability, but a human with a wide variety of interests. That means that I want to write about them all, not just one or two.

Care to join me?

Matt Brady


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