One simple perspective shift that’ll help you relax and ace your next interview.

Plus, a peek into the life of this Forbes 30 under 30 Founder

Meet Cynthia Salim, Founder & CEO of Citizen’s Mark.

She’s on a mission to empower professional women. Blending her passion for sustainability with an opportunity she saw in the market, she is transforming the clothing industry for women who work.

A reminder to approach every new meeting as if it were the first.

She was in her own world.

Captivated by her own 3-year-old fascinations. Looking through the books, munching on her snacks, preoccupied by wonder.

He stared on, while she had no idea he existed.

Melissa Brown

Traveled around the world for a year w/Remote Year| ✍️ life, perspective, lessons, food | 9–5 Director of Customer Success, 5–9 Career Coach |

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