The most valuable lessons worth taking into my 30's.

I needed to see him just one last time to know for sure.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


A realization on the source of motivation.

Photo by Seth Macey on Unsplash

One simple perspective shift that’ll help you relax and ace your next interview.

What it meant to give up the nomadic life.

Plus, a peek into the life of this Forbes 30 under 30 Founder

Meet Cynthia Salim, Founder & CEO of Citizen’s Mark.

She’s on a mission to empower professional women. Blending her passion for sustainability with an opportunity she saw in the market, she is transforming the clothing industry for women who work.

A reminder to approach every new meeting as if it were the first.

She was in her own world.

Captivated by her own 3-year-old fascinations. Looking through the books, munching on her snacks, preoccupied by wonder.

He stared on, while she had no idea he existed.

When you say “I’m home,” what do you really mean?

Are you talking about the building that houses all of your belongings? The place where you belong?…

And maybe we have similar stories:

At the age of 4, I rode my tricycle down the street every week to pick up the golf balls that had been hit outside of the gate. …

Do it while you still can.

Melissa Brown

Traveled around the world for a year w/Remote Year| ✍️ life, perspective, lessons, food | 9–5 Director of Customer Success, 5–9 Career Coach |

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