Doing nothing on purpose. Day 4.

Mikli Feria Jorge

I’ll keep my Sunday entries short, and my naps long.

Today my son and I had an impromptu movie afternoon and pizza picnic. Netflix has added Marvel and Disney movies, and Pizza Hut had a promo for 2 pizzas for less than the price of one. Mom also bought us 13 little cups of ice cream and 12 ice pops because “why not.”


I used to try and squeeze in as much work as possible when I could — you make time and not find time, right? — but I did crash into a pretty nasty case of The Burnout that’s taken months (and he-hey an in-progress business shift) to recover from.

So now I’m being stricter with my weekends. To really rest when it’s time for rest.

^ And block if off like I mean it. Because I do.

Tomorrow, I’ll get back to work. Tomorrow, I’ll open my email and check my notifications. Tomorrow I …. okay, I’ll still probably watch Netflix, except, you know, I’ll be doing it stressfully and procrastinating-ly and guiltily.

But tonight — tonight! I’m watching Netflix ice-cream-ly.

Mikli Feria Jorge

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