Day 8. Ready when you’re ready.

Mikli Feria Jorge
Mar 11, 2018 · 5 min read

Here’s a bullet-point rundown of the last few days.

  • My son finished the first grade!
  • And went to a class party after to celebrate.
  • It turns out being in a room with 30+ running and screaming children is tiring and that totally zapped me. Necessary client work aside, my computer and brain had been shut since Thursday.


  • Four people asked me if I was still offering my beta program
  • I said yes I am, I’m game when you’re game
  • And I’ve already had 2 calls just this weekend! Which I loved, because I’m finding myself in my zone — then able to nap right after


A few quick takeaways here.

Tell people what you do.

When I was looking for raket aka random ways to make money before, I would say, “Guys, give me raket!”

And that was that.

No one gave me raket, because what would they give me?

No one was buying, because they didn’t know what I had for sale.

I had to get over that real quick because child. (Literal child.)

So I told people what I can do. I got four inquiries this week — because, I think, I just ran my mouth. Ha!

I’ve been posting these daily updates on Twitter, IG, and FB, as well as telling people to heyyyy slide in my DMs (or shoot me an email)if you need help with creating a game plan for your online project and sticking to it. I’ll help you come up with a personalized system, prioritize what needs to get done, chunk out your tasks, and make sure Things Happen.

^ And I didn’t come up with that copy. The lovely and incredibly smart Tania-Briannë Fox did, while explaining it to someone else. I’m just here bein’ grateful.

You’re probably already ready. (Slash, don’t discount what you can already do.)

I told myself I’ll start the offer once I get my sales page up (which I’m working on this weekend — though, haha, the weekend’s almost over.)

But someone asked me if I was still Doing The Thing, via DM. I said yes, of course! I sent her the invoice, we scheduled a call, and just created a plan for the next month.


If someone asked you to help them right now, could you?

I’m betting you could.

From DM to Done!

Conduct your Tiny Online Experiments!

I will shout this from the rooftops because I super believe in this.

We cannot 100% predict what’s going to happen, what people will need, how we can best help. We can try, but that’s more time stuck in our heads. And the more we’re stuck in our heads, the more doomsday scenarios we’re going to churn out. And the more doomsday scenarios we churn out, the more the whatever idea it is … is not going to happen.

The best and quickest way to know for sure “what is going to happen when I do The Thing?” … is to do The Thing.

Then take notes.

My first call had 20,420 deadlines laid out and it was looking like 50,000 moving parts. It was a lot. I could see why she was overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed!

For that call, we concentrated on,

What is essential? what needs to be done to get your thing off the ground? Can anything wait while we focus on these?”

And that’s when I scribbled in my notebook “hard deadlines vs. soft deadlines.” — Noted, there’s a difference.

My second call was a bit of the opposite. We opened with just a thesis statement. “In three months, I want XYZ.”

We fleshed that out by not only outlining what needed to be in place for XYZ to happen, but by asking,

“Okay, in three months, what does life look like?”

That allowed us to say to create a plan that was not just realistic (maybe 1 or 2 clients instead of 5, since I still have work) but — more importantly — in context. Beyond the project, beyond the business, there’s a life to consider and build toward.

These were valuable insights that I’m now able to use to refine my process and feed into my effort to make my offer as helpful as I possibly can. That’s information I wouldn’t have known if I had stayed inside my head.

Am I justifying being absent? Maybe.

Am I enjoying this new prototype of a business model? Yeah though!

Will I see you here tomorrow? I can promise I’ll see you here again on… um, Day 9. hehe.

CTA: If you also want a beta slot for #ProjectTakeoff (just made that up, but I’m kinda liking it), let me know.

Quick details:

It’s 3 months of personalized one-on-one support and guidance, with monthly game plan calls (where we plan out your big picture, then chunk the tasks), weekly accountability check-in via text or email, and text access so you can share you wins and updates, and ask for quick feedback.

(Other working name: SPA. Strategic Planning and Accountability. HAHA. Book you some SPA time.)

Transparent disclaimer: if you book through this entry by emailing me (at, it’s $297 a month for 3 months, or $800 pay in full. Once the sales page is up, though, it becomes $345 x 3 or $850. That’s because the only payment processor workaround I could find that takes recurring payments and works in the Philippines and is automated (I can’t be sending 10–15 invoices manually y’all) eats a pretty big percentage of the selling price and I needed to adjust.

Sliiiide in my DMs.

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