Stuck? Do the opposite of what you’re doing. Day 7.

Mikli Feria Jorge
Mar 7, 2018 · 2 min read

I’m writing this for me.

Mikli, if you could remember these patterns, that’d be great.

I’ve been trying to power through my sales page on my own, but honestly? I’m stuck. Sales pages don’t normally take me this long. There was even a time I felt fluent in sales pages because that’s all I was ever writing. I’d make them for me, for friends, for fun, and, once in a blue moon, for clients.

So why, when I fire up my page draft, do I spend 80% of my time staring, 5% typing, and 15% watching Queer Eye on Netflix?

Can you believe?

Until this tweet.

I meant for that to be totally rhetorical. I was asking The Void, as I tried to figure out the answer myself.


One of my titas (Filipino for “aunt” except we aren’t related; we just call everyone older tito or tita) messaged me. She’s a big advertising name, and a copywriter.

“I’ll help! What are we doing?”


And I left our conversation with material, friends. Directions I could take my page. C l a r i t y.

When I was going it alone, I should have just asked for help.

Likewise, I’ve noticed:

  • Getting caught up in thought? Do a thing.
  • Listening to too many voices? Quiet them.
  • Caught up in a hamster wheel work? See what taking 30 minutes / a day / a weekend / a week off can do.

Writing an entry at 1:30am because It’s Been a Day and a daily entry needs to go out because you just yesterday wrote about showing up? Go to sleep.

Good night!

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