30 Unpopular Lessons from 30 Years

Mitch Harris
Jun 24 · 12 min read

1. You deserve nothing, so be grateful

2. Vulnerability is not a strength

3. Your habits define your life

4. You can’t add a stressor to reduce stress

5. You can judge a book by its cover

6. It’s about the destination

7. You are your body

8. Momentum is magic

9. Don’t begin until you count the cost

10. Speed kills

11. You can’t fast track

12. Win the night

13. Cut out everything that you don’t dearly love, and then some

14. 100% is a breeze, 99% is a bitch

15. Better prolific than perfect

16. Leadership requires followership

17. Don’t fight fair

18. You’re more likely to act yourself into feeling than to feel yourself into action

19. Courage feels awful

20. Play seriously

21. Find the incentives

22. If you wish it weren’t true, but it makes sense, it’s probably true

23. Master the transitions

24. Freedom is ugly

25. Don’t “just” be yourself

26. Mission equals meaning

27. Ignore false gods

28. Boredom is a virtue

29. Strong beliefs, loosely held

30. Better is possible

Mitch Harris

Written by

I make people stronger and healthier. Owner of @cfglenellyn and @heymit_ch

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