How to Turn Journal Ramblings into Viral Articles
Benjamin P. Hardy

Hi Ben!

Excellent article as always. Had a quick question, so I have tried out just writing on notepad and jumbling everything together, but how do you go about reviewing what you wrote? If at all? Do you review immediately the day of and then work on your articles?

The only reason I journal in an app like Day One is that I thought organizing and categorizing would help me be able to find a specific thought or idea later on (even though now that I think about it, I rarely remember to go back to look at something). Maybe that’s what I’m missing is a habitual review process. After I brain dump in the morning I just leave it be, because more thoughts come about that day or week.

However, I do LOVE your method of repeating yearly, monthly, weekly goals. That type of reinforcement is a huge takeaway from this article.

If you could speak to how, when, for how long you review your journaling, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks! — Sean