Leah Depala is a 14-year-old British-Indian singer-songwriter, based in Dubai. Her first single, Cold, has been streamed across all international music platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. A&R scouts, take note, she’s still unsigned…
Words__Darren Haynes [First published in Hey Mag, September 2019]

You released your debut single, Cold, in September 2018. Tell us a little bit about the songwriting process.
Cold was the first full song I’d ever written. It’s about a hypothetical failed relationship. Once I’d finished it, I knew instantly that I wanted to release it. When I came up with the idea for the song, I sat down at my piano and played around to see what I could come up with and attempted to match it to some lyrics. I progressively added more and more to the song, while recording it on my voice notes on my phone, until the song was complete. It took me a few hours to finish the song. …


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