Check out our Hey Papi Promotions Network Member Bishop Dr. John-Paul James who made the international news with his participation with the Clafin men's hoops gets $15,000 boost. Here is the recent press release article below. Follow Dr. James on his Total You Integrative Medicine Center website

Claflin received a $15,000 donation from the United Kingdom International Church. From left are the Rev. Hayes Gainey of Orangeburg, UKIC Bishop John Paul James, Claflin President Henry N. Tisdale and Dr. Luonne Rouse of New York.

Claflin University has received a $15,000 donation for its men’s basketball program.

The Rev. Hayes Gainey of Good Shepherd Community Ministries was instrumental in securing the contribution from United Kingdom International Church. Gainey is chaplain for the Claflin team and says he is the program’s “champion.”

“I feel this will be a great asset,” said Gainey, whose ministry is affiliated with Maryland-based United Kingdom International Church.

“One of the things I realized is that Claflin being a private school does not get all the funding needed like large institutions for athletics,” Gainey said. The money can boost recruiting efforts and go for scholarships.

UKIC Bishop John Paul James of Maryland was in Orangeburg Friday to present the $15,000 to Claflin President Henry N. Tisdale.

“This is just a start for us,” James said. “We plan to continue.”

The gift is a combined effort of Total U Medicine Center, Logos Christian College and the United Kingdom International Church, all based in Maryland.

"Historically black colleges and universities are important for us," James said. He wants to see HBCUs add millions and even billions of dollars to their budgets.

"How can we turn a $16-20 million budget to a billion-dollar budget or $2 billion-dollar budget?" James said. Science, technology, medical and research are keys.

"As long as President Tisdale keeps us on the table, we want to contribute toward Claflin," James said.

James said the UKIC’s mission is to improve health and education by connecting the church and the community.

"We thank the United Kingdom International Church for this very generous gift in support of our very deserving student athletes," Claflin President Dr. Henry N. Tisdale said.