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Oxymoronic Reporting

Shame on you Alan Pyke for your biased, internet-riot-inciting report of this tragic event. You clearly have much to learn about “think progress” reporting. Your one-sided account that encourages further hatred toward police officers has successfully fueled further division, mistrust, anger and lawlessness within our culture.

Do you think the officers might have told Mr. Crutcher to stop walking or not to reach into his car?

Why do you think Mr. Crutcher would continue walking away from the officers and reach inside his car?

Do you think the officers knew he was unarmed as he reached into his car?

Why would Mr. Crutcher’s vehicle have broken down in the oncoming lane of traffic and why do you make the assumption he was seeking police assistance because his car had broken down?

Mr. Pyke, I suggest you consider hanging up your “progressive thinking” cap if your motive is to fuel an already out of control mentality of hatred and violence.