Enterprise Digital Technology Newsletter

Image source: www.walldevil.com

As the folks over at Andreessen Horowitz like to say: software is eating the world.

Check out how Blue Apron went from using whiteboards to being hyper focused on automation—something all companies should be doing to become more efficient, consistent and profitable.

We’ve been going through everything that’s a manual process and seeing if we can turn it into software.

A solid digital strategy designed from KPIs with measurable analytics for structured data and A.I. to benefit from unstructured data is where it’s at. Companies need to look at Agencies with track records of success in digital.

Hacking without code by using radio signals? Maybe the tinfoil hat people are onto something…

IoT isn’t going away, so these conversations around security are important.

It’s cool that Adobe is getting into artificial intelligence, and there are some good ideas on how marketing can leverage this technology to increase brand awareness, cultivate more high-quality leads and boost sales.

Automation is the best friend of IT and Marketing. This releases them from mundane tasks, so they can focus on more strategic goals that grow the business.

The news that Microsoft acquired Deis, a company that builds tools for the container-building platform, Kubernetes is good to know. However, the quote at the end is what stood out to me.

It’s getting harder to get away with bad customer service and it’s (mostly) because companies that are crushing it in CX arena are winning. Companies like Zappos / Amazon, Apple and Netflix have raised customer expectations.

“It’s no longer enough to just support Kubernetes. It’s also important to provide the best Kubernetes experience.”

The low-hanging fruit of A.I. belongs to IT, while marketing keeps finding new use cases. There’s a lot of potential.