3 channels every SaaS needs to master:

🟪 Owned

→ Channels you control

→ i.e. website, blog, email, social accounts

✓ Total autonomy

✓ Low cost

✕ Takes time to develop

✕ Delayed ROI

✨Tip: Start right away and stay consistent

🟩 Paid

→ Exposure & distribution you need to buy

→ i.e. advertising (PPC, retargeting, display, social), influencer marketing

✓ Instant results

✓ Easy to track

✕ Expensive

✕ No guaranteed ROI

✨Tip: use after “owned” is dialed in and you are ready for traffic

🟦 Earned

→ External publicity & exposure that results from internal efforts

→ Word of mouth, press, shares, reposts, mentions, speaker invites, SEO, reviews

✓ Increases credibility

✓ Borrows audiences

✕ Takes effort to get

✕ No control

✨Tip: give value first before asking for support

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Winning startups focus on business use cases MORE than the technology.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t work on the technology.

Just that customers don’t buy a technology.


Know the difference and build your products accordingly.



Finding Product Market Fit 101

Step 1 — Have an idea

Step 2 — Talk to customers about the problem the idea solves

Step 3 — Develop a market thesis

Step 4 — Rapidly prototype and test with users

Step 5 — Build MVP to solve the problem

Step 6 — Test the solution with customers

Did the solution work for customers?

If false, go back to Step 2


Finding PMF is the hardest part of building a product.

If you think it will take you 3 loops, it will likely take you 30+