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So many things we wish to accomplish in this year, but I came up with 6 that if you can check them this year, your life will never be the same again. 2016 is definitely calling for a change. Are you up for the challenge?


Get at least 20% out. Ad extra 10% per year, if you haven’t done it in years. Go up till 70% if your closet/room is that full. If you need a good quote to motivate you on this, here you go: Give up on everything that weights you down. Old energy will not allow you to move forward with your life, moments are important but if you hold on the the material form of the pass you will never have space for the new in your present and future, both in your closet/room and life/mind. Find style and room decor inspiration, decide what you want and then start separating. By section bring everything on top of your bed — tops, accessories, books, etc. — Then start separating, the “obviously staying” from the“obviously not”. You will end up with a third section where you will find things that you don’t like but are new or that you still want to make it work. Leave them in the front part of your closet, if it starts annoying you in around 2 weeks, bring it out again, try it on and make up your mind. Remember, a bad decision is better than no decision.


If you’re starting at zero you have the easiest one in your hands. Anything you ad to your daily routine that envolves exercising, will bring you to stage 1. Take the stairs no matter how high the floor is or how tired you’re feeling. The best thing you will learn about exercising is that if you’re able to get your mind away, the time will pass and you will be a hero. I’m not kidding, once you realise how easy it becomes every time you decide to continue, you will get addicted to it. Weather your trying to run 7km under 45min, or if you’re trying to get your body in shape. Another thing to have in mind is that, exercise has more to do with patience than any other mindset. The most fit people I know, are the most patient ones, is it a coincidence? I started to get fit faster the day I got more patient. Test it yourself.


If you’re job/activity won’t mean anything to you in one year — and won’t help you take you life to that stage — it’s time to stop. You need to be smarter about it, and do something in the field you like, even if it is underrated or too low for your skills. Get in the field, do lot’s of what makes you happy and find a way to get paid doing it, even if at the beginning its not the most glamorous thing to tell your friends. Not only it should make you smile when you go to bed late at night, but to wake up excited to leave to work/school/whatever. Maybe you don’t even need to change your job, you just need to change your perspective about what you’re doing, perhaps feel more grateful about it. If you’re there it’s because you are needed. Can you bring it to excellence? Do it! Even if you’re not paid for that, do it for yourself, because you are that good. I am most sure the way you will look at yourself and your life, will change for good.


One thing I am sure, you should never keep it all inside as a heavy treasure in the most profound waters of the ocean. Some researches say that it can even make you ill. Find your way of expression, music, dance, writing, speaking, cooking, art, exercise, cleaning — it can be literally anything! Bringing your ideas to paper, expressing it through your body, voice or mind will leave you lighter. You will not always do beautiful things, there’s dark ugly thoughts inside us that need to come out as much as the beautiful ones. You can curate your work latter and even make some money with it, but the main point is bringing the weigh out. Trust me, you will thank me for this one, you never know how good you can be until you start.


If frequenting a different coffee shop will help you stay less stressed you contribute to a better day, don’t let 50p (or cents) change that for you. Don’t shrink your life according to the size of your pocket, instead, make the most to get all you need to meet your standards. In another words, saving your money will only help you survive life, which we might agree it is not the best way to live. Get out of there, go the extra mile to make you life easier. Another way to clean your environment is looking at the people you hang out with, as sad or mean it might sound, just because you met at work or school it doesn’t mean you need to stay there. If you want to make 2016 the year you changed your life for good, for better — you need to go all the way. Get into some new activities and meet new people, people that are more like you. Might sound like the most uncomfortable thing to do, but it is definitely exciting. In another words, a boat is safe in the harbour but that is not why boats were built for. Get out there, break the routine and find a new exciting world.


You know, if you don’t do this in 2016, you will have this one on the list for 2017 again, even if you don’t write it down it will be there. Accepting who we are with all the little things that makes us different is the most powerful thing we can do. If we love our physic, mentality, intelligence, and so on — no one will ever be able to affect us in those fields. Perfection as we were introduced to is boring. You have to admit it, if you had it all together no flaws at all what would you learn and who would you be? You would be another person that learned nothing because living cautiously will never bring anything new to the table. You should want to be epic, memorable and joyful, and you can only do that by bringing out what is absolutely unique about you — the combination of your personality with your face and body expressions. This might actually be the very root of your own success.

Thanks for reading.