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Where are you?

We often shorten our words and soften things up in order to not shock or bother people, we don’t want to be perceived as aggressive or even bossy.
Today I feel like I need to talk about a subject that can make you feel a bit discomfortable, however it is necessary for me to bring it to you this way. I don’t mean to offend or to criticise, my only intention is to wake up your inner leader from the daily routine and the habits that don’t bring anything new to you and the ones around you. If I can get that with one of you, it’s already worth it.

In a world where we are constantly being inspired to think differently, to make different choices, to create new things and to change. A world that despite the development and the evolution, still faces challenges sustained by past ideas. Old ideas that no longer make sense, which only the brave ones who stand up, push forward and eventually breakthrough. In a world like this, where one stands up and a million just sit around and criticise, where even opinions are no longer just opinions but influences that are shaping the world..

What makes you think you’re just another one, that the responsibility over the world has nothing to do with you?You really think you have no impact? That big decisions are just for big people, and you are just passing by and no one notices you? That you have no power over it so mind as well not look at it? Do you feel it is too hard? Too much work? Just not for you? You admire but you sit on the back and just watch? Well today I’m being brutally honest with you, we are ALL waiting for you! The more of us making a difference, the faster the world will change. Stop playing mediocre you have real work to do! Get up and go do what you got to do!

“The trouble is, you think you have time.”— Budha

Why the hell do you choose to think you’re just another one when YOU know that you’re not! You have capacities that are going to waste but YOU choose to think everyday that who you are not big or great enough to make a difference. But guess what, you need to make the difference first, and only then you become that greater person.

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs.

You have to take responsibility for the changes you want to see happening in the world, no one is going to do it for you, you need to get up and start doing whatever you can to get help and to move more people with you. You have got to figure out what you need to figure out, by yourself!

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” — Theodore Roosevelt

And for god’s sake, start NOW!

This is not a matter of making you feel special and unique, this is me telling you that the world screening for better leaders, better influencers and overall change.

This is no longer a matter of getting you having the things that you want. I want you to stop being lazy, to stop following systems and looking at what has been done before, to stop predicting and to start making changes despite any percentages, opinions and odds. Only when we start doing different things, things will start changing. Are you with me?