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You need to want it..

I find it interesting how most of us have a certain limit when it comes to desiring more to ourselves. You say you want things, but do you really? Most wishes come from a point of inability to have rather than, really wishing for it. If it was easy to make you dreams come true would you accept everything? Of course not, it would consume your life! By thinking like this you gain something crucial for achievement with is direction and focus.

You envision it happening and you try to understand if it is really something you would like to become, what would it mean, how would it affect your life, not in a dreamy perspective but in a very real way. If you want to own a hotel go read about hotels and listen to hotel owners, it might not be as sophisticated as you imagine. And in this moment you either hold on to it and commit or you toss it and keep looking. You need to want it so bad that you will do anything (that is not stupid) to get there, the feeling must be so strong that when it hurts you hold on till it pass.

If you don’t have this madness inside of you, or if you have and you are trying to get rid of it because it makes you look crazy. Dreams will never become more than dreams to you.

“Don’t be most people, most people don’t achieve their dreams.” -Robert Kiyosaki

Feed those unique parts of you as if they were palm trees and let them grow. Promote everything you love and never bash what you hate. Success is inevitable, do what you have to do, believe in yourself and be patient. Eventually your Imperium will rise, people will clap and you will win.

Dream on,