Just do it

Starting up, entrepreneurship, funding all cool sounding words in today’s media. That’s all you hear, and as a person it is really overwhelming. It is like looking at your Facebook feed and all the vacation pictures of your friends and their friends and thinking that your life is shit.

That’s not the case, I know that feeling and I am sure you feel the same.

I am in a family business of printing, an offline business. Sounds lame right, in this age and day of quick bucks and large funding news you hear every single day.

I have been thinking for last couple of years of starting on my own and have tried and failed a few times. Some ideas just die with the firefighting of daily activities. Some take time, it is very difficult to keep the motivation going.

But now I have started the journey, the seed which was planted a few years back is starting to slowly grow.

Don’t know where it will go but this time with PrintBee I am going to give my full effort.

What I am working at printbee is that we let people tell their stories through prints of the pictures they take from their phones.

And medium is a great platform for sharing your journey and I hope to do the same.

Will keep posting my journey along with trials and triumph.

Thanks for reading this. This is the first time I have written a post, so pls forgive any mistakes.