Since 2015, my friend Taylor Trask and I have created a weekly-ish podcast on comics and pop culture. It’s gone through various names but has settled on Panelism for a while. Listen and subscribe at Panelism.ink. Or right here, if the embed works.

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Complexity — whether by negligence or design — creates power but never power for the user. This is why a relatively new discipline called UX (User Experience) design is crucial to business. We must appreciate the users’ experience when we make a product.

It is a UX designer’s job to design the experience to make it better, to empower users. They start a design process by creating the flow and the opt outs that a user will follow through a transaction (and ideally any interaction) on a website, app, or physical product. …

The story of two cassettes

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Over the last two weeks, I’ve released a couple of short, electronic records on my Bandcamp that I made in 1998 or 1999 and basically never told anyone about. I’ve known I had copies of the recordings somewhere like hundreds of other sketches and demos. Recently, I listened to many of these old cassettes and decided to convert some to digital. The process of converting these two forced me to re-examine this music I’d made the year before I started a fairly intense punk band and became a (slightly) more social musician.

I named the project Krankenschwester Automat for the Kraut-rock overtones and a persistent impulse I have to send people to dictionaries and reference materials. I also liked that the name could be shortened to Krank Auto and possess an entirely different meaning. The first record, asthmatic mathematics [short form], was completely sequenced and labeled on my archived cassette. The only slight frustration was that I could not figure out where I intended one of the song breaks to go. So in converting to digital, I split a track in two. …


Todd A

I write about work, belief, music, and the politics of superheroes. Support my books and music at http://heytodda.com

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