humble yourself

Sometimes we see this formula in life:

Smart people + success => makes them think their shit doesn’t stink

Fact is: all people poop & all poop stinks.

I’m very happy for everyone who is successful because they believed in themselves in their own way and accomplished their goals. Too many of us don’t believe in anything let alone ourselves.

But being a smart person is a luxury. It is often a matter of good karma because it requires access to education and some type of economic freedom. Too many on earth don’t have that chance.

If you are one of these smart people. If you are blessed with the fortune of sufficient material wealth & have the time for existential thoughts, I have a request.

i. I ask you: humble yourself. 
ii. Now I will ask you: accept that someday you will die. 
iii. Now I encourage: question what is it you can do with your intelligence to make the world a better place.