Couple of epic times in 2017.


The end of the calendar year is much like the end of anything else. A good time to reminisce over the proceedings and reflect on the good times, the low times and all of the in between. However; one of the biggest stand outs to me upon my reflection was perhaps one in which changed my ideology on the philosophy of New Years Day.

One of the first presents I received upon my arrival back home this year was a Sprocket from HP, which is essentially just a pocket-size, portable printer that actualises moments from your phone onto polaroid-esque pieces of artsy paper. As I was scanning through some of the piktchas from this year, one of the biggest stand outs for me was that; all the drastic and permanent changes I made in variety of facets in my life were all as a direct result of impetuous decision making…I didn’t give myself a final date, or an excuse to let myself down — I simply wanted it to change and so it did.

So as the ease of habit presumed and I looked towards setting my New Years resolutions, I came up with a peculiar acquisition — I couldn’t recall a single previous year resolution, let alone one that had stuck and so it occurred to me that if I needed the excuse of a new calendar year to make the change then I didn’t want it to change bad enough. I have no recollection of a commencement date for all of the adjustments I’d made to my lifestyle that were bearing fruit through their continual stability in my day to day life.

So my philosophy this year was that it is purely a time for reflection. 
Boy what a year. 
See more of the moments here;

Ps. For those wondering the changes that I have made are vegan for roughly 20 months, alcohol free for roughly 6 months and hard out training for roughly 3 months.

Pps. I never want to forget the chat I had with my Dad on New Years Eve on our drive to the beach for a swim about the weight of regret. Forefront of my mind for all my decisions and perhaps more about it at a later date.

Cosmic vibes always,