First time writing

This will be my first time writing on Medium and publicly posting more than 200 characters to the internet in a single sitting. For future articles, I hope to write about my journey being part of the Fullstack Academy November 2015 bootcamp and discuss areas of technology that I find interesting. Right now, I want to get the ball rolling by just writing.

My Goals for the FS Program

  1. Understand the quirks (aka beauty) of javascript and use it effectively as a tool
  2. Understand the best practices around pattern usages for javascript and how to use it well in large projects
  3. Understand how to use frameworks effectively and go beyond the curriculum. This means exploring other frameworks and technologies (using React, creating mockups and art assets)
  4. Learn from the FS team and from members of my cohort
  5. Get a version of my personal that is “production” ready and convey information that I want in a good way
  6. Work on cool projects and create a portfolio