Most headline generators are terrible, but these 3 will perk up your creativity!

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Headline generators can be very hit or miss. This one, for example, was a cringy miss: “3 Mistakes Most People Make When Headline Generators.”

There are some absolutely terrible headline generators out there where you put in words and the headlines make zero sense. And the reason is that they take some keywords and plug them into pre-prepared sentences. If their algorithm doesn’t include certain basic parameters, like, part of speech, you end up with nonsensical strings of words like the one above.

The good news is…

Practical and ethical implications of the new AI in town

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I’ve spent the last week exploring this new language AI and seeking to understand how this new powerful technology from OpenAI will transform the world of blogging.

First, I had some fun with it. One of the texts I generated was an interview between me, the AI, and a niche blogger. The two of them had some opinions about an AI writing Niche Blogger’s posts.

Then, I went out looking for just what this robot was capable of and found that it’s already been quite active around the web. The best way to really understand the GPT-3 “brain” is to…

One step at a time, one lesson a year.

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My company is in the middle of a capital raise. This is by far the furthest I’ve come with a business. We have about half a product, a few hundred eager followers, a team of 8 amazing people and a really clear vision. It took me 8 years and dozens of failed attempts for me to get to this point in my entrepreneurial journey. My intuition is that Writtio will be a success, whatever meaning that takes on for us in the next five years. …

A little-known trick to finding keywords that are ripe for the ranking.

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Earlier this year, Brian Dean, the CEO of Backlinko, launched a new platform called Exploding Topics. In short, it’s a goldmine. (Thanks, Brian.) As of writing this, the website is free to peruse.

So what is it?

It’s essentially a list of topics (aka keywords) that are currently trending on Google. It shows graphs that are easy to eyeball with numbers that are straight-forward to interpret. (More on these numbers later).

Before this platform, the way to find trends on Google, was to go to Google Trends and…

TL;DR: Concrete offer, actionable copy, non-competing button

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Let’s take a step back. Most blogs serve a marketing purpose. Usually a blog sits at the top of your funnel, leading readers into an email list. How you get readers to enter your list is by giving them something of value that goes a bit beyond a blog article; could be a white paper, a case study, a checklist, an ebook, a free course — the list goes on forever.

There’s an art to asking for an email, though. It’s not enough to put up an email field and a subscribe button…

Sometimes people just want a quick answer.

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Why, oh why, would you want someone to skim the words you poured sweat and tears into? Because you’re writing on the Internet, of course. There’s a time and a place for long-form, heady pieces that require readers’ full attention and 20-minute dedication.

On the other hand, most of the people clicking into articles on Google are looking for a quick answer to a simple question. They want to skim. In fact, 43% of people surveyed by Hubspot admitted to skimming blog posts.

And here’s the thing — if you make them read…

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Excellence isn’t an outcome, it’s an input.

A finished product, whether it’s a clean toilet bowl or a closed million-dollar deal, is simply a reflection of the work that was put into creating it.

As I sit at home during this social distancing period — my routine and focus in a pile of shards at my twin toddlers’ feet — I’m struggling to produce the way I produced before.

Instead, I’ve been thinking a lot. Today, I’m thinking about excellence, and why it’s so rare in a world where production is rampant. It’s easier than ever to produce things, physical…

Asking for help is a skill, not a weakness.

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My first real job out of college, as a lab tech, was challenging. I had to learn a lot of complicated information in a very short period of time. I often found myself completely clueless, but pretending to know what I was doing to save face, instead of simply asking for some help.

What ended up happening was probably the worst case scenario. …

People might be skimming, bouncing, and not scrolling

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One of the major challenges of the Internet is understanding why some content succeeds and others fail.

Why did one e-commerce store convert at 10% while another is barely squeaking out 1%? Why did one video go viral after the last 193 videos flopped? Why did one blog post lead to 100 opt-ins when the other 50 blog posts combined got none? It’s this last question that we’ll focus on in this article.

You can go down a rabbit hole of statistical analyses trying to determine the factors that contribute to a blog post’s engagement and conversion rates.

But before…

I studied Product Hunt for a year — this is what I found

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On April 1, 2019, I woke up to find that my product was number one on Product Hunt. I was beyond shocked. I had put very little forethought or strategy into launching this. To make it number one almost felt like cheating.

Now, I know that in addition to my idea being a solid one, the conditions I picked for launching happened to be nearly perfect.

I’ve spent almost a year visiting Product Hunt every single day. While the product concept matters a lot for upvotes, so do the surrounding conditions in which you choose to launch your product.


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