That makes no sense at all. The word “Society” is not used in that way in standard English.

Hey. So I’ve not purchased and read the whole books but I am very interested. I’ve read all the descriptions and feel like I have at least a loose understanding of the idea. I’m trying to understand how things would work once the system you are talking about has taken over. Below are some questions that would help me understand.

  1. It seems like the position that you are advocating for is a form of libertarian anarchism. Is this correct?
  2. So for the sake of me understanding could we try and map out how it would work and how it would respond to certain issues or crises?
  3. If there is no state, no state police or military, what protects my family from attack by criminals.
  4. My first thought of protection from criminals would be that I can defend my family with a weapon.
  5. How can I protect my family from an organised group of criminals?
  6. Do I organise a group of neighbours who are armed and together we can defend against a large gang of criminals?
  7. If attacks by increasing stronger criminal gangs increase we will have to become stronger or more efficient at fighting in order to protect the families of our group of neighbours.
  8. If I organise a sufficiently strong group of neighbours who can defend against criminals we could also offer our protective services to others in nearby towns.
  9. At some point it becomes more efficient to have some people who specialise in protection and others who specialise in farming or production, then we can trade protective services in return for food and other goods.
  10. At this point our neighbourhood protection service has become a Corporation which supplies violence as a service.
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