It should be mandatory for every single college student to this one thing

College was great. An expensive way to learn about yourself, others, hierarchy, priorities, chicks, dudes, keg stands, bong rips, and pregnancy scares 😳, amongst many other things.

I switched my major from marketing to communication. I left marketing because I had to take an accounting class, an Econ class, and some other bs class in order to finally take a marketing class 😠

I learned so much in Comm, and often people would ask me, “what kind of job can you get with a Communication degree?”

This wasn’t always easy to answer, but my intuition was I had something so valuable, the ability to communicate effectively, that I could literally do anything. Nearly a decade later and I can tell you with certainty, that the one thing that should be mandatory for every single college student to do is to at least minor in communication.

I don’t care what your profession is — doctor, artist, photographer, lawyer, archeologist, etc; you need to not only know the basics of speaking with other humans, but also the art of listening.

It’s called active listening. It’s listening to someone and giving them cues that not only show them you’re listening, but also cues that subconsciously empower them to continue to speak and become comfortable to get their message out as authentically or effectively as possible. When the speaker sees that the listener cares, they not only like the speaker more, but they also care more about the conversation. It’s called engagement. It’s called respectful. It’s called giving a shit. It’s called communication. If we all learned the essence of communication, the importance of speaking with clarity and effectiveness, along with actively listening with nonverbal cues and asking the right questions — most problems amongst each other, in my opinion, would decrease dramatically. No more wasting time reexplaining, repeating, and rephrasing our thoughts, and arguably even worse - being silent. Some of the best ideas, brightest thoughts, and greatest solutions probably have gone abandoned, or kept inside and not been verbalized because of poor listening skills from the other party making the speaker feel unworthy, insecure and/or a victim to saying “nevermind”, which in most cases probably would have been worth saying.

In short, whether it’s interpersonal, nonverbal, or verbally speaking, there isn’t a moment or a relationship in your life that couldn’t or wouldn’t benefit from becoming a better communicator. Become a good example by starting to listen better — it will inspire others to do the same when you’re speaking and the whole you have two ears and one mouth so listen twice as much as you talk — yeah whoever thought of that is my hero because that is a great observation and fantastic rule of thumb 🔥👌🏽.

Smile often 😁,


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