Henry Falade
Jun 25 · 1 min read

Oh Okay.

Follow this:

  • goto https://gitlab.com
  • create an account
  • Create a new project https://gitlab.com/projects/new
  • You’ll see a guide on how to go about connecting your offline project to your new repository.
  • You need to just install git on your server
  • Create your branches on your project (maybe just develop as master comes by default) offline
  • Copy the script in the body of this post and edit to suit your credentials and save as .gitlab-ci.yml
  • And also follow the full guide in this post.
  • By creating the branches and adding the blocks I sent earlier to you .gitlab-ci.yml file, you have achieved deployment to two servers from one file, depending on what branch you pushed to.

NB: You have to go read more on git
- you don’t need to install gitlab on your server to achieve this auto-deployment.

- You have to understand ssh connections (at least basics).

Then you’ll be fine :)

I’m still here though.

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