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I am a member of Indivisible NJ 4th District. We can not get long-time Republican Chris Smith to agree to meet with us. We call his offices and visit his offices but get a run around everytime we want to set up a date to meet with Rep. Smith. We have discovered that he does meet with small groups with whom he is legislatively involved such as the Alzeimer’s Group. They recently held a meeting in a local library which he attended but was not publicized. Because they held the meeting at a pubolic library it could not be called a private meeting. Several of our members showed up and tried to ask questions at the end of the meeting. We also asked in person for a meeting. His response “no.” And he would not answer the questions.

Rep Smith lives in Herndon, VA and has done so for much of his 18 terms. He maintains an address in our district so that he can run here. He has claimed he is affraid of another Gabby Giffords type of affair but has not held a Town Hall meeting for years, even before Giffords was shot.

The Indivisible Movement has an enormous head of steam. We are only taping in to what the Tea Party did and the REDMAP 2010 redistricting plan did that helped the Tea Party get elected. It doesn’t look like the Indivisible movement is going to go away any time soon. Some Reps have tried skype or conference calls but they are afraid to meet personally. Congressmen are going to have to do the part of their job that requires them to go back to their districts. It is in their job description and they are paid to do just that. Indivisible is a non-violent movement. NJ 4th has scheduled a Town Hall Meeting and invited Rep Smith to attend. We have reserved a space. It will be held Feb. 22nd with or without the representative. Think how much better things will be in the long run if Chris Smith attends.

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