Winter In Korengal
Kevin Knodell

I like it. A nice story that reminds me of a Team Spirit exercise in Korea, back in 1991.

We started humping around 07:00 one day in early March as part of the Team Spirit exercises. We humped all day and through the night, and were even supposed to do a water crossing, that got nixed cause the river was about 3' higher than it was supposed to be and had a really strong current. We were all already cold from sweating and stopping, sweating and stopping.

We stopped outside of some village around 05:00, the following morning for a resupply I think it was. This fairly old woman came out of her house and took a bunch of us in her house at a time, so we could sit around her fire. 26, years later, I still have not forgotten that gesture. Most of us had gotten some level of frost bite to our feet and hands, but as grunts go, you sucked it up. This one gesture showed me why we were there, almost 40, years after the end of the Korean War. Thank you Mamasan.

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