Barack Obama Still Has Time to Reveal the National Security State
War Is Boring

Is this Obama bashing or Trump bashing? It sounds like the other doesn’t really like keeping the nation safe from terrorists. Is everything perfect? No. I don’t care who is listening to my calls, or reading my texts or which web site I have been on, why? Because I’m not doing anything wrong. It seems pretty simple to me. If you are not a criminal. If you are not a terrorist, what does it matter? They will get bored of your texts to your wife or girlfriend or talking about the weather. I’ve written a lot of bad stuff about Obama and Hillary, but I’ve done nothing illegal, so who cares? I don’t. I don’t care if their wire tapping or intelligence gathering has only caught 1%, it is better than knowing absolutely nothing until after there is an attack.

The ACLU needs to get over itself. The hippies need to not give a shit as long as they are not criminals. If they are criminals, then you deserve to get caught.

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