Rey is a Kenobi
Ben Ostrower

I really don’t agree with your statement that Obi Wan was the only noble/forthright character in the whole series. Obi Wan is clearly awesome but not noble. He lied and was repeatedly deceptive throughout the movies.

“I can’t remember ever owning a droid.” Ep.4 — yet R2 is with him all through the prequels

“Darth Vader … betrayed and murdered your father.” Ep. 4 — in fact it was Obi Wan that left Anakin for dead in Ep. 3

“Your father wanted you to have his lightsaber when you were old enough.” Ep. 2 — Padme being pregnant was a secret and Anakin would have been kicked out of the Jedi clubhouse for being married. When would Anakin have said that to his Jedi mentor Obi Wan?

On top of all of that, Obi Wan was essentially lying to Luke in order to get him to kill his own father. That’s kind of sick.

So, how does this impact your theory?

<for the record, most of this was cribbed from another source>