What comes to mind when you think about corporate structures? For me, it was and remains to be: hierarchical team structures, slow turnaround times, red tape, and rigid, old school mindsets.

When I was starting out in my career as a UX designer, my greatest nightmare was to work in the financial district. Low and behold, I landed a job at one of Canada’s five largest banks. An updated wardrobe and a year and a half later, I left, but to another corporate environment, this time at a big insurance company, and in their newly formed digital customer experience team.

I was once a new designer, thrown into an ocean of information, opportunities, and anxiety. Having moved back to Toronto and fresh out of school, I was looking for my first design gig.

Navigating this new space, both in terms of the industry, as well as the existential aspects of the “real world” were overwhelming. There was a lot of trial and error, and even now, five years later, I am still finding new ways to advance my career and find how I fit, or not fit, into this fast-changing industry.

I want to share some tips with young designers who are starting out in the field. …

Hanieh Khosroshahi

Senior Product Designer @YLabsGlobal | UX Instructor @junocollege. Fighting for a more equitable world. I like to write, take photos and drink coffee. She/her✌️

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