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If you use third party vendors like a point of sale system, payroll processors, or email software, did you know you could be at risk of a privacy breach?

Even if your business has strict privacy procedures, if one of your vendors has an incident, you could be held liable.

Every month there is a new string of reports of large companies discovering privacy breaches. The Equifax breach is a great example of the risks of working with third parties. …

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You’ve worked hard to make your business website tick all the right boxes.

It has a great design, it’s mobile-friendly, it’s informative, and has clear calls to action.

But, there’s one important element you may have overlooked — security.

As users move through your website to make a purchase, request a quote, or fill out a contact form, they notice a warning from Google Chrome that your business website is not secure.

And rather than becoming a lead, they leave.

According to a 2017 HubSpot survey, the amount of people that would leave is quite substantial. …

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

What do eggs and insurance have in common?

Unfortunately, not much.

An egg has taken over the title of the ‘most liked photo’ on Instagram with over 50 million likes, and 9 million followers.

And your insurance business has yet to make an Instagram account.

Insurance is a tough industry to get people excited about, there’s no question. A typical person only thinks about insurance at two key times: when its time to pay, and when they need to make a claim.

But, when you consider that an unremarkable brown egg drew people’s attention, you should be inspired to grow your brand on Instagram. …

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Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

Google Analytics is a powerhouse of information.

Used by nearly 29 million websites around the world, the free tool can be used to find out anything from your most popular pages, to what types of devices your visitors are using.

But, if you are using the information as a basis for business decisions, you will want to make sure that it is as accurate as possible — and that requires some customization.

Below, I list three important tips to improve your Google Analytics data.

Note: It is recommended that you that you set up views within your account before making adjustments.

The Exumas are one of those places where you see a picture, and you immediately know you have to go there. I don’t remember exactly when this moment was for me — but I’ll place it somewhere during high school, more than 10 years ago. I’m thrilled that after so many failed attempts (Rob and I were actually supposed to honeymoon here), I finally made the trip with my family for a 3 day adventure.

As our airplane approaches the Exumas, still several thousands of feet above the ground, the beauty of the islands are beginning to unfold. The Exumas unleash their charm, revealing a delicate and charming presence scattered along a chain of more than 360 islands and cays — most of it pure and unspoiled. …

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