Is “content marketing” dead?
Nathan Kontny

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for sharing. As I see it if you’re an entrepreneur whose product is content (whether industry reports, ebooks/books, webinars…) it’s totally important to get better at writing because it helps you present your most important findings and information in a better style. Using different channels to reach potential new customers and current customers also helps to get a diverse perspective on your content.

But if you’re an entrepreneur whose product is separate from the content you write and produce, then the focus should be different. Yes, you could become a better writer and storyteller. But past a certain level you begin to generate diminishing returns (more revenue) on your investment (time practicing and refining writing skill) from the perspective of your business product.

A better approach once you’ve developed a decent writing skill is to start tracking what topics generate the most engagement from your writing audience. It’d be wiser to use this time then to attract an audience that is both interested in your writing and product beyond the general customer, your 1000 true fans if you will. These are the readers or content consumers who will generate returns in promoting your product organically to their networks. In a sense, we can’t all be talking about general topics hoping it attracts everyone on the Internet. We have to hone the message to our audience and potential customers. Help them use your product.

With this second type of entrepreneur, using different channels certainly can help. But I have to wonder for what. If you’re trying to attract a younger audience as future customers, it’s a smart move to be ahead of your competition. But if your customers are older, it’s generally a waste of time for the entrepreneur. Focus on channels where you’ll reach your customers.

Finally, I think Jason Fried said this best but I’ll try to paraphrase.

Don’t worry about your tools if you don’t have anything to say. Once you identify what you want to say, the tools will choose themselves.