A94 near Rattenkirchen

In my area they are building new parts of the A94 motorway between Munich and Passau. Construction work will continue till Fall 2019. So expect quite a number of videos and pictures from the progress ;-)

Beside the interesting location, flying here was a special challenge for me.

As I wrote in my first blog post I owned a Yuneec Breeze before and ran into some trouble with it.

Beside one flyaway in another area I had my biggest problem at this place. I assume it was some kind of interference that cuased the problems. Compass was running crazy and I wasn’t able to go above 5m and forward motion resulted in forward left or forward right movement.

So took the Spark to a test to find out if it runs into trouble too. It didn’t.

I didn’t go over 50m hight because the area was for some reason classified as Class D area. I re-checked back home and it seems the DJI information is off here.

Anyway, you can still create good videos and pictures at 50m.

But more important I made it to a new personal distance record: 241m (!)

I have no idea how much more is possible. But it didn’t feel unsecure with that distance. And yes, thanks to the blue sky my Spark was still visible. At least as a small black dot.

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