My first DJI Spark Video

So this will be my new DJI Spark Video Blog.

The Spark is not my first Drone as I owned a Yuneec Breeze before. I liked the Breeze a lot but their simplicity (only WLAN connection, no RC) was it’s biggest problem. At the end the Breeze felt too unreliable to me.

While I had my eyes on the Mavic the Spark caught my attention when it was introduced not long ago. Much cheaper, much smaller. No 4k video … don’t need it. Feel fine with 1080p HD. Less distance … well, here in Germany you can’t go over 100m hight and have to keep it in plain sight. That’s easily achiveable with the Spark.

My new DJI Spark

So of course I ordered the combo (with RC and extra batterie). Ordered directly from DJI (as local stores had obscene delivery times) and it arrived in about one week.

For the setup you have to reserve some time. But it’s worth it if you want to feel safe flying.

This was my second flight and the Spark felt very reliable. On the first flight I made it already to 100m hight with 150m distance. On the second I only made it up to 50m hight (as the area was Class D marked) but I went 194m away. Still no connection problems … only a little lagg in the live video.

Just a small video taken near Pastetten, Bavaria, Germany

Also tried the sports mode for the first time … 52.57 km/h … just wow!

The video itself is nothing special. Just a first try to give an impression of the video- and gimbal-quality. More interesting stuff to come ;-)

In general I am very happy with the video quality. It was already dusk and very cloudy. For that circumstances the video quality is very clear and crisp.

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