I decided never give up

As anyone who dreams of becoming a professional their need for knowledge and experience is key component in our career development.

During this process is important to have confidence on what we can do, to demonstrate that we are capable at the same time understand that there is still much more to learn .

Why I question every day my own willingness to learn more????

I consider myself with more experience with soft skill than technical skills, life circumstances not a fear or insecurity with which I work or with clients themselves but fear of not being able to open my mind and learn more every day . Look around and see that there are fellow rich in knowledge and not be afraid to fall.

Apprentice trip

This little trip I started allowed me to be able to work with specifically backend language which I had never used but despite that, its model-controller architecture using programs like Postman and Eclipse made it easier for me to understand the language and understand how it works while simplifying the development process.

Considering the short time that I could work with these tools, I came to the conclusion that the tool that caught my attention was Postman where through a URL could be accessed and modified data of the backend by means of request with methods of POST, GET , PUT, DELETE, COPY, PATCH among others. It is a tool easy to use for manually hitting a rest APY or testing for rest APY. You can also generate JAVA and other language code for APY you it using them. This can help in automation testing for debugging purpose,you can loads of information in the database as well as different formats for the information itself that you want to modify either an HTML, JSON, XML, or even a javascript element.

My conclusion for my experience

My personal opinion is that it is normal to feel afraid and it is normal to feel that things are not what we planned … everything is better! Although we may have stumbles the secret it’s believe in yourself!
Understanding that we always learn new things every moment of our life is not a sign of ignorance is synonymous with growth.