A great word and one of my favorite, can’t change the channel when the John Cusack movie of the same name is on movies. So is it that, or is it coincidence? Perhaps it’s me looking for signs where they may or may not be. I am trying to wrap my head around this project that is bouncing around in my head like a pinball. I start to lose energy or doubt myself. Then, the energy in the room and the situation change, and at the last minute when I’m about to give up and think it won’t work, the flippers kick in and the ball goes nuts, bouncing some more. This weekend, at an event for work, there was a whole lot of flipper action kicking those balls right back into my stream of consciousness when I least expected.

My ideas for the future of this site, and eventually maybe a site of my own, takes my writing and pairs it with some things I’ve been exposed to during my day job, swirl in some of that empathy that I’m blessed (cursed?) to have, and I think I really may have something. And yesterday, I went out on a limb. So far I’ve only shared my idea with a few very trusted friends and advisers. But yesterday? Yesterday I was full of courage and did a light pitch to someone who would be in a position to help me kick this off and he was as excited as I was. With nothing for me to show him, and no reason to trust me whatsoever since we literally just met yesterday. But he was accepting of the idea and said he’d love to work on it with me and help me get it off the ground.

So, here we go. I need to tread cautiously so as not to disrupt my day job or create any conflicts — which this absolutely should not. I also need to set expectations with my collaborators and be sure not to make promises I can’t keep. Conversely, I need to maintain my confidence in myself and in my ability, and know that my passion project will help other people by building their confidence and helping them build personal brands for themselves, as much as forme.

Tomorrow, I start by reaching out to the person I met yesterday and setting up a first step toward getting something started. He is in NY and I’m in Cleveland, so it will have to be via email and phone. That’s not ideal but it’s a start. And, when — not if — this becomes a reality, I hope to get to NY more often to feed my soul and my project. More to come…