Thank you for sharing, its a good read giving lots to think about.

Thanks for the thorough feedback, CabanisJP. A lot of truth and good suggestions:

I strongly agree with you, especially on the cost competition and outsourcing part. It sounds great in the short-term, but in the long-term, it just creates average services at a competitive(cheap) rate.

Yes, companies in the region do fail to develop a core competency because they try to focus on too many technologies and industries since they try to get literally any incoming project. Sounds good in the short-term because it pays the bills easily, but in the long-term you end up with a huge team, each somewhat competent in their own verticle. Then, if you want to develop a product, you’ll have to fire 70% of your employees just because they don’t fit the company’s new focus and accept only projects that match its core competency. Most companies don’t want to do that and end up being outsourcing sweatshops. I definitely don’t want to do this with Centroida.

As for the house/flat management platform — Yes, that’s exactly the thing we’re planning to do given we save enough capital to do it. There are companies and organizations who already expressed interest in such kind of data.

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