HGH benefits: The main benefits of HGH

Emil Lahr

We’re here to educate you on the scientific aspect of HGH. We want to show you the benefits of HGH when taking it, so, we’ll be discussing fat loss, muscle development, healing of cartilage, and the benefits HGH has on the cardiovascular and immune systems.

This being said, if you’re interested in using HGH, then this article will help you with informing you on whether or not you need to use it.

HGH benefits Muscle Development

As you already know, HGH has anabolic properties and that is why it is becoming popular in the athletic world. HGH works by influencing the muscle via IGF-1, which is formed by HGH once it enters the liver. Then, IGF-1 binds to receptors within your skeletal muscle tissue and acts in promoting protein synthesis.

It also acts by increasing the development of nuclei in your muscle cells. HGH works by inducing the movement of myosatellite cells to already formed muscle cells. Myosatellites then works by giving them nuclei which then acts in growing the muscle cell.

Increases the number of muscle cells

This is actually called hyperplasia and what happens is that one muscle cell is divided into smaller ones. Hyperplasia increases muscle cell growth which thus increases your muscle gain.

Anticatabolic activity

Research has proven that HGH aids in decreasing oxidation of amino acids during a training session by 50%. This also causes a reduction in the levels of nitrogen in urine.

In addition, HGH also aids in preventing the conversion of cortisone to cortisol which is known to have long-term health effects on the body.

Fat loss with HGH

Many people who are interested in HGH are looking for a way to help reduce their body fat. Well, one huge benefit of using HGH is that it does significantly decrease body fat without having to diet.

So, how does HGH work in reducing body fat?

● HGH works with converting thyroid hormone T4 to T3. Through this conversion, it helps to increase the body’s metabolism which is more active in a T3 state.

● HGH mimics the resting metabolic rate

● HGH pushed fat into the bloodstream as FFA which are free fatty acids. These FFA’s are then used as energy.

Through this procedure, you’ll be able to burn fat without having to reduce your food consumption. You’ll be able to lose body fat while gaining lean muscle. In the New England Journal of Medicine, an experiment was published which concluded that through HGH treatment a 14% decreases in fat loss occurred in patients without dieting or training.

HGH and its benefits on cartilage

Many athletes suffer from joint and ligaments injuries. Of course, through time, their conditions become worse and cause long-term pain and discomfort. HGH is able to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the body which in turn works in improving joint pain and ligament healing as both of these body parts require these proteins.

HGH Benefits bone density

Bone density is measured by the number of minerals per square centimeter within in your bones. When your bone density is low this is when your bones become extremely weak and fragile. Medically, the term for this is called osteoporosis. By taking HGH it helps to increase bone density through the production of collagen and osteocalcin.

Immune benefits of HGH

Like all cells, your immune cells have receptors of IGF which can be assisted through the use of HGH.

● T-cells: T-cells are produced by the thymus and are actually a major part of the immune system and how it functions. However, as we age, the thymus decreases in productivity and its function slows down. But, with HGH, it aids in returning the thymus back to its original state.

● NK-cells (natural killer cells): Natural killer cells work with T-cells, thus, as we age, their function decreases.

● B-cells: B-cells aid in resisting illnesses by releasing antibodies. HGH increases the immunoglobulin production which supports B-cells.

Expanding life-time of cells

As we age, so do our cells. HGH works by slowing down the aging process and create new, young cells. HGH prevents the rapid death of cells by prohibiting telomerase which keeps the cells living longer.

Other benefits of HGH

● Improves sleep: HGH is well-known for improving one’s sleep. In addition to improved sleep, muscle development and recovery occurs at a higher rate.

● Improves cardiovascular function: People suffering from GH-deficiency have been shown to have higher risks of heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases.

● Reduces cholesterol levels: HGH greatly reduces the levels of cholesterol in the body. Some studies have shown it to reduce cholesterol levels by up to 7%.

● Improves skin: HGH naturally stimulates the production of collagen and elastin synthesis, thus, making skin clearer and tighter.

Mental benefits of HGH

Improves long-term and short-term memory

● Increases cognitive abilities

● Strengthens visual muscles

● Prevents cataract and glaucoma

● Increases visual perception

For those interested in benefiting from the use of HGH especially if no serious deficiency exist then they may consider using an HGH supplements such as Genf20 Plus, Genfx and Somatropinne. These HGH supplements do not contain any HGH but are rather used to stimulate our bodies to make our own HGH. HGH injections like Humatrope are ideal but using them for anti aging is illegal and may cause serious HGH side effects.

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