Just how legal it is to use human growth hormone?

With so many people interested in purchasing human growth hormone and in using it, many people are concerned about just how legal it might be or might not be in the United States. Of course everyone wants to reap the benefits of human growth hormone for different reasons. There are athletes who want to use human growth hormone to boost their performance, there are bodybuilders who want to use human growth hormone to increase their bulk, and of course there are people who are getting on in years, who would like to use human growth hormone to reduce their effects of the aging process and to regain a portion of their lost youth.

Some forms of HGH delivery are illegal without a prescription — namely injectable HGH

But whatever your reason for using human growth hormone is, you are, of course, considering whether or not it is legal to do so. Now, if you want a straight answer to this question, it is that using human growth hormone in its pure form in the United States without a doctor’s prescription is completely illegal.

But there’s hope!

There is no need to lose hope, because there are forms of administering human growth hormone which are legal, but the injections of pure human growth hormone extract are certainly illegal, and these are exactly the substances that caused scandals in recent years due to athletes abusing these injections in an effort to gain an edge over the competition. As a matter of fact, there are many bodybuilders who get their hands on illegal HGH extracts and inject them into themselves perhaps within their locker rooms. What these athletes are doing is completely illegal, but of course, despite this it gets them results. Often enough, a gigantic bodybuilder in your local gym will be prepped on human growth hormone.

So how does one benefit from human growth hormone without breaking the law?

Now, if you are the average law abiding citizen, I’m certain that you are not interested in breaking the law to get your hands on human growth hormone supplements. What you want is a way to benefit from all the advantages of taking human growth hormone, but to do so in a legal manner. Well, you’ll be glad to know that there is actually a way for you to do this.

Legal HGH Injections

Researchers in laboratories around the world have created what is known as human growth hormone releasers. These are substances, which when taken into the body, actually stimulate the body to produce more human growth hormone or its own. Since it’s a completely natural process, it makes these human growth hormone releasers completely legal.

Many people think that human growth hormone is some form of anabolic steroid, but this is actually not the case.

Human growth hormones are completely different from anabolic steroids, in that human growth hormones are substances that are produced within your body all through your life. Strangely enough, the circumstances in which you use human growth hormone contribute to whether the law sees it as legal or illegal.

If you are an ordinary person getting on in years and you are taking human growth hormone supplements or releasers such as Genf20 Plus or Sytropin to boost your body’s production of human growth hormone, then this is perfectly legal. On the other hands, if you’re a professional athlete, then even taking an oral supplement or releaser like Sytropin may be considered illegal. And of course, if you can get a doctor to prescribe these things for you, then in most cases, so long as you are not a professional athlete or competitive bodybuilder, the use of human growth hormone can be considered legal.

In the case of bodybuilding, the line between legality and illegality is very fine.

And most bodybuilders would tend to use a substance that would give them the bulk they need whether it was legal or not. Remember that by law it is perfectly legal for you to buy oral human growth hormone supplements like Genf20 Plus over the internet. You should be very careful about purchasing human growth hormone illegally and trying to inject it yourself, because this can have very serious and potentially even fatal complications.

Consider the fact that the human growth hormone that you buy from the shady looking guy at your local gym might not be human growth hormone at all, but some damaging substance that could injure your body or even kill you. Even if it is human growth hormone, in strong doses human growth hormone can have extremely damaging side effects upon the human body. If you are injecting human growth hormone, then it is best to do it under medical supervision or not to do it at all. Generally speaking, you should forget any thought you may have of illegally injecting human growth hormone in the privacy of your bathroom, for example.

So what’s the punishment for purchasing or possessing injectable human growth hormone illegally?

Well, you could face up to five years in a state penitentiary, and if the sale has been to a minor, then that time behind bars could well be doubled.

Worst still, different states have their own issues or non issues with human growth hormone. Some states have laws that are more lax towards human growth hormone, whereas other states have laws that are more strict. So, just how legal the use of human growth hormone is in your area depends upon the laws of your state.

With such strict laws in place where injectable human growth hormone is concerned, it would be best not to think about injecting human growth hormone unless you have a condition that would allow you to get a valid prescription from a physician. And why bother with it when the injections are dangerous and the oral supplements are so easily available?

Sometimes a person might think that they could source human growth hormone from outside the United States, but I wouldn’t advise you to do this. There are all sorts of regulations within the United States, and generally speaking, these regulations are in place not to oppress the people, but to ensure that their right to health and well being is respected. In other words, the regulations that are in place, put there by the Food and Drug Administration, are there to protect you.

If you buy human growth hormone in Mexico, for example, you may well be able to source this HGH, but you will not have any guarantee as to how hygienically it was produced or how safe it is to use, and you may answer for your carelessness in consequences that might follow you for the rest of your life. Worst of all, did you know that it is actually a crime to purchase HGH without a prescription anywhere outside the United States if you are a citizen of the United States? Yes, even if you’re outside the borders of the United States and you’re purchasing HGH, you’re committing a crime and could pay the price in a state penitentiary.

The bottom line — go with oral supplements and releasers!

All in all, it’s much better to go in for HGH releasers like Genf20 Plus that are both safe as well as legal to use, and this is what I would advise most people interested in the benefits of HGH to do. The best way to deal with the legality of this issue is to quite simply stay within the law. By staying within the law, you ensure that you can use HGH and avoid not only the legal hassles, but also the very real medical dangers of overdosing on HGH.