High school, for some the greatest time of their lives, but for others an absolute nightmare.

13 Reasons Why

Tape 6 Side B

High school is supposed to be a time to make friends, have fun, and create a path for your future. This isn’t the case for some people that end up getting bullied or abused. The media is well aware of the high school life and portrays it in different ways. In the series on Netflix, 13 Reasons Why, a girl named Hannah Baker tells her high school story. From the beginning of the series she portrays herself as a nice, normal girl. She turns out to be quite the opposite. She shares her struggles through tapes that she makes for people to hear after she’s gone. In this episode specifically, Hannah is quite desperate to fit in. She goes by and joins the big party at Bryce’s. Tyler is also a teenager who does not get along with many people. He is bullied often throughout this series and in this episode he starts to lose it by going to buy a gun. Clay is another main character who at this point is on the 12th tape. In this episode and in American culture, teenage girls tend to be vulnerable and innocent, and boys are abusive and jerks.

To start off, Hannah Baker is shown to be the desperate, depressed, and slutty teenager in this episode. She is telling her side of the story through tapes to hope someone will care to change things. Her along with Jessica have been abused throughout the series. Hannah in this episode heads to Bryce’s party. Bryce is the rich, popular jock of the school, and he has every other sporty guy on his side. When she is at his party, she ends up in the hot tub with Bryce and some other friends. There is drinking at this party along with crazy, normal party events. After a while in the hot tub it ends up being only Hannah and Bryce in it. Bryce takes advantage of Hannah and sexually harasses her. This isn’t even the first time something like this happened in the series. Hannah talks about this time as being the worst day ever. This part of the episode portrays Hannah and overall teenage girls to be vulnerable and desperate. It also portrays boys to be mean, abusive, and disrespectful. This is one example in the series that shows the trend that boys are jerks and abusive to girls.

Secondly, later in this episode Clay is on a mission to get revenge for Hannah. He has listened to most of the tapes at this point and his only goal is to get justice back for her. After Bryce sexually harassed Hannah, Clay found out and went over to Bryce’s house. Clay brings a gun to threaten Bryce but he doesn’t end up using it. They start to have a civil conversation, but clay is determined and doesn’t give up easily. Bryce being the rich, hot shot of the school doesn’t have a care in the world when he starts to beat up clay for being so annoying. Clay eventually gets Bryce to straight up admit to raping Hannah, and further into the series, it rarely is used against him. The point being that Bryce can literally get away with anything because he runs the town. This episode creates a poor impression of rich, jockey high school boys.

Lastly, the media overall brings attention to specific areas of every parts of the world. In the case of the show 13 Reasons Why, the focus is on the bullying and negative parts of high school. This could create a bad impression on the high school experience in general to the public because the series is about how high school made a girl commit suicide. Specifically, the public might perceive different negative views on class and gender demographics in high school.

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