How To Be Consistent in Programming

Consistency is hard to practice, without consistency there won’t be productivity.

Personally, I match consistency to passion. Why am I saying this? For example; if you have the passion to be a footballer you will always train, go to the pitch to play and also learn some new skills but without passion, you wouldn’t care too much about practising daily or training daily.

I will focus this on only programming yet it applies to everything we do. Doing something over and over again gives you an upper hand and this helps you to boost your interest because expected results will be occurring in real-time.

In programming, there is also something new coming up and you have to update your knowledge frequent in order to stay on track.

Ways To Be Consistent in Programming

These ways have helped so many programmers you know so follow them and put them in action;

. 1. Join programming communities (e.g., Stackoverflow, GitHub, Dev etc.)

. 2. Follow programmers on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.)

. 3. Make friends with people with the same interest and passion

. 4. Set daily goals

. 5. Try to accomplish little things

. 6. Solve one programming problem daily.

These are some proven ways to be consistent in programming. Note them down and try to put them into action.


In final, it all roots in passion and interest so do not waste your time on something you do not have an interest in. Try and also follow the suggested ways to be consistent in programming. I am still hitting on this, stop wasting your time doing what you do not have an interest in. Share this piece with others.



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