How I imagine…

Imagine to have your head in my shoulder and you hold my hand while we see a sunset in remote location in the south island near the lake,

Imagine later we go to our chalet where we passionately we make love and I kiss every single piece of your soft skin.

I imagine later we stay awake near the fire place talking as we usually do about all the ideas, books and thoughts we have in our minds.

I imagine having my fingers in your long black and straight hair while softly your cheeks caress mine gently…

I imagine all these scenes after we spent a wonderful time talking as we usually do in our morning coffee…

I imagine one day you will know how much I imagine to spent the time with you…

I am not native English speaker, 
so if you find anything odd in my grammar, 
I will be more than happy to hear it!
I live in the land of down under.
I like to read a bit and have recently started to write about daily stories, poems and simple pieces of my thoughts as a way to be more reflective and put attention in my day to day thinking.
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