Most people get braces in middle school or high school, but my teeth were so bad that I had no other option but to get braces in 5th grade. Actually, I did have another option but I was not about to have my two front teeth removed, causing me to wear dentures at the age of ten. When Dr. Kemp told me I had to get braces, I was so excited. Why you might ask? Because I had no idea what to expect and didn’t know the pain associated with braces. So, the next day at school, I rushed into school and made sure to tell everyone I was getting braces. All of my classmates, including my teacher congratulated me. Walking into the orthodontics office overconfident, I plopped down in the chair and waited for the orthodontist to come over and start. At this point, I wasn’t anxious at all, I was happy, I truly wanted braces! When the technician approached me, that’s when my adrenaline started to kick in. I observed the vast array of shiny silver dentist tools, some much more complicated than others. I thought to myself,”I really hope this is quick and simple.” To my disappointment, the procedure would be long and uncomfortable, according to my orthodontist. I would have to sit still with my mouth wide open for almost two hours. To a fifth grader, that’s basically a death sentence. I wanted to get it over with, so I hoped they started on me very soon, because I was starting to get anxious. After nearly two hours of scraping gluing and wiring, my braces were finally on. My mouth felt so weird, I knew it would take some getting used to. The hardest part was learning to eat with braces. When I first attempted to eat, I got so frustrated because chewing was very uncomfortable and challenging. For a couple weeks after I get my braces on, I ate soft and easy to chew foods. Trust me, smoothies are yummy but they get boring after drinking them for a week. When I was finally able to eat mac and cheese, that was such a big accomplishment in my books, two weeks ago that was such a challenge. What I remember being the worse part about braces were the wire changes, the new wires were always tighter and hurt a lot more . I always remember taking Advil because my mouth was so sore, sometimes for up to four days! But the pain and the checkups were definitely all worth it, my smile is better than ever now.

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