IPhone 6

Cracked screen, silver, about a year old with a green with black and white striped phone case on it. All of these things describe my iPhone 6. My iPhone is like my child, it goes everywhere with me and I can never go a day without looking at it, because for me, that is impossible! My phone assists me with the time and when I receive updates and e-mails, some that are important and others that aren’t quite as important. My phone also alerts me when I get a text, call, voicemail, snap chat, Facebook update or a new Instagram follower. Let’s. just say, without my phone I would be lost. My phone is like my personal assistant, it organizes things automatically without me having to do it by myself , my phone is truly a lifesaver for me. My phone and I have been through some rough patches to say the least. I’ve dropped in one too many times, and as a result the screen is completely shattered and I can’t always clearly read everything on my screen. But my phone still functions most of the time , it will occasionally freeze and randomly restart, but hays normal for most phones to do every once in a while. Once, my phone and I got separated, due to the fact that I wasn’t paying close enough attention to it. I was at six flags And I set it down on the toilet paper box in the bathroom stall I was on. When I got up, I completely forgot about my phone and casually left the stall. About two hours later, I check my left pocket(that’s where I always keep my phone, and. Sure enough it wasn’t there!!!!) like any normal person, I begin to panic. Thank god some nice person turned it in or I would of had some major explaining to do. All in all, my cracked silver iPhone six is really important to me.

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