My second characters name is Jared. He doesn’t have a nickname . Jared is very tall, 6”4 he has jet black hair that he gels back and has dull green eyes. He is very lean but very strong. When you first look at him you would not expect him to be as strong as he actually is. He lost two of his fingers when he was tougher by goofing around with a paper cutter and accidentally cutting off both his fingers. When he went to the emergency room, they informed his his fingers weren’t able to be saved and he had surgery to clean up what was left of his fingers. Jared is a sophomore in college and has a girlfriend. They started dating their senior year of high school and both applied for the same college and both got accepted. Jared doesn’t look anything like his parents because he has two dads and they adopted him from within the United States. He is close to both his dad’s, he feels like he can tell them anything. Jared has a lot of friends and they all accept his dad’s completely and so does his girlfriend. Jared’s dads love jareds girlfriend and they consider her apart of their family. When Jared gets angry, which isn’t too often, he goes into his room and listens to his music on full blast. Jaren’s deepest darkest secret is that he secretly keeps in contact with his birth parents and he tells his dad’s he doesn’t want to know them. He got their emails addresses from his dad’s computer when he was sleeping one night, because they communicate a lot. He emails his birth parents once every months and updates them with what he’s doing. This is jared’s first real relationship, he has had things with girls but have never turned into something more. Jared doesn’t have a full time job yet, but he wishes to become a firefighter. His grandpa was a firefighter and truly inspired him.On Jared’s dorm floor, there is a backpack and some shoes. In his closet, he has a ton of hoodies, sweatpants a few pairs of khaki and khaki shorts. ON Friday’s, Jared always dresses comfy. He usually goes to hangout with his girlfriend and watch a movie. If not then he goes somewhere with his friends and goof around. Jared is motivated by respect. WHen he told people that he wants to be a firefighter, they all looked up to him with respect. Jared can be very shy when you first meet him, some people perceive him as awkward and quiet, but once he reveals who he is he is actually very fun to be around. Jared really wants a family, nice house, stable income and to have a successful life. In order to do that, he needs to graduate high school. Others view him as a positive person but is also really shy but easy to talk to.