No parent wants to hear these three small but powerful words. No girl wants to say these three small but powerful words to her parents. Grace is just like every normal sixteen year old, except she has a pretty obvious secret now- she is pregnant. The time has come where she is no longer able to hide her expanding stomach under baggy sweatshirts; it’s visible now. Her parents know she has a boyfriend, but they think she and Ricky aren’t having sex. Grace has always been the favorite child out of her four other siblings. She gets the best grades, has many friends, and is the captain of the cheer team. With a bright future, she already has a full ride to medical school and the chance to be part of an internship. Grace doesn’t have the slightest clue how she is going to tell anyone. She decides to approach her mom after school on Friday. Her dad is on a business trip and comes back home Sunday so she won’t have to say the news directly to his face — at least not today. Grace couldn’t focus at all during school. Her mind kept wandering, thinking about her mom’s reaction.

Will she cry? Will she tell me to get out of her house?

Grace was clueless as to what her mom is going to do. Grace and her mom have been extremely close her whole life and she hopes this news won’t ruin that bond.

After school, Grace drops her bag at the front door and marches straight into the family room where she finds her mom reading a book.

“Hi — Hiiiiii mom,” Grace stammers.

“Hey Gracie, Is everything ok, sweetie? Her mom replies. She sounds worried.

“Yes… uhm… I mean …no…I….” Grace feels her cheeks flush up with color and covers her face with her hands. “Mom I’m pregnant”.

There was a long pause….. Her mom sighs. “How far along are you?”

“5 ½ months, from today actually.” Grace places her hand on her stomach.

“Okay well I am going to call my doctor to have them do an ultrasound on you. I want to make sure everything is ok. Are you sure you’re pregnant?”

“Yes, mom, I am positive. You know Ricky and I have sex; we talked about it. We are always careful but I don’t know how this happened. I really don’t. I’m still in shock about this too; can you keep this on the down low and I will tell dad when I am ready?”

“Of course Grace, I am going to call my doctor and see when they can get you in.”

Once her mom leaves the room, Grace goes upstairs and sits in her room, tears streaming down her face.

How could this ever happen to me, why me?

Grace hears her mom coming up the stairs and she quickly wipes her face with her sweatshirt sleeve.

“Good news, I got you an appointment for 1030am tomorrow, so I won’t make you go to the first few periods.”

Grace forces herself to smile sme thank her mom, but all she really wants is to be left alone. She puts her pillow over her head in attempt to shut herself from the outside world. After crying her eyes out, Grace attempts to get her shit together and go about her day.