The tennis courts

I have been going to the tennis courts for as long as I can possibly remember. And still to this day, I go to them almost everyday of the week and I never dread going there. I genuinely look forward to going to them after school everyday and on the weekend. Like every athlete I’ve had my highs and my lows on the tennis courts. I’ve become a better competitor and athlete on the tennis courts of prospect and many other places I’ve had the chance to play on. I’ve experienced victory, defeat, stress, anger happiness and just about every emotion you can think of, on the tennis courts. My parents have Influenced me greatly for my love of tennis, since they both play, and so do my dads parents. So my Whole life, I have been surrounded by many people who share a love for tennis. The best feeling is walking onto the courts, since they are basically my second home. The blue courts divided with a net across the middle and the green out of bounds is my favorite place to be. I’ve had to play many tough matches on courts all over the place. I’ve had the opportunity to play against well known teams such as Stephenson, Main south, Glenbrook north, new trier and so much more.

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