Is the proliferation of Blockchain technology evidence of an alternative payment system that will exist parallel to the regular payment channel ? Here at Centra Tech has designed the world’s first multi-blockchain debit card connected to secure, shielded, and more importantly insured smart wallets.

Can Blockchain play a useful role in allowing millions of unbanked and unpaid people to send / receive and save payments utilizing the Blockchain platform and thus take advantage of lower transaction costs ? We have designed the Centra Tech platform to create a global account solution for anyone who lacks banking resources.

With a variety of issues that often occur among platform users, we Centra Tech has designed and provided solutions to all your problems. Centra supports the 8+ largest crypto currencies today: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 Token, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash, & Monero with more to come. A variety of facilities you can get with transactions that can be done anytime. By offering our Centra Card, we give our users the ability to spend their blockchain assets in real time around the world such as transfer, exchange, spend and receive all at a 0% cost. This may be made through our Currency Conversion Engine (CCE) Currency Module on which our products are based. The steps we take are not just limited, based on careful consideration and we believe that customers can buy / sell products at a much lower cost by using the Centra and Centra Card cryptan markets and hence the platform can serve as a solution to some of the most frequent problems happen.

Centra Tech also launched a platform called Coin Bay (www.cBay.io) that will be the world’s first Amazon style superstore designed to make crypto currency acceptable. We will also make a variety of development that can facilitate your transactions that can connect to some features currently used by the community. There will be more than 100,000 items in the cBay market with more to come. Users can choose electronic goods, clothing goods, household goods and more with shipping to worldwide. They are just a few things and all the comforts are just focused on you. The Cryptocurrency Marketplace will allow vendors to register their products for sale on the platform to create revenue streams and also be protected. We are available in USA and worldwide. Our current partnership with Visa, MasterCard, and Banks gives us the ability to issue cards worldwide in 100+ countries supported by us.

Centra Tech also uses mobile apps each user can create their personal profile data which then the information is stored and security is assured. Recommended features allow users to create Smart Centra Wallet utilizing various application features to connect with Centra Card debit cards and give full access such as activating or deactivating cards easily. All the applications provided have adjusted the needs normally used in the present. Then we also set specific spending limits such as withdrawals or sending interbank currency eliminating costs associated with fluctuations in the exchange rate at no additional cost, it also gives the user to the wallet the experience of managing to keep all digital assets securely stored in the wallet application protected from cyber and insured crime from theft.

More Information :

Website : https://www.centra.tech
 Participate: https://www.centra.tech/token-sale
 Whitepaper: https://tokensale.investfeed.com/#whitepaper
 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Centra_Card
 Telegram: https://t.me/CentraTech
 Slack : http://slack.centra.tech

By. Hafik
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