ESports turned into a real revolution in the entertainment industry and its popularity is growing and every day with more investment than just a secure investment. Every day there are more and more the uses and applications that this technology offers and its level of adoption grows at an exceptional pace. Surely it was only a matter of time before the two worlds joined their paths. is planning and preparing to launch a platform allowing both individual players and teams to compete in popular eSport games — DOTA2, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offense, Call of Duty, etc and supervised by our own program.

“Esports is the biggest disruption to hit our industry since the iPhone in 2007” The traditional focus of game publishers has been on the gamers themselves, who spend money directly in or on their titles. In recent times, publishers have been preparing for their marketing efforts, content creators who create video game content on channels like YouTube, Hitbox, DingIt and Twitch. This group has proved to be a valuable and cost-effective marketing tool for publishers, bringing increased attention and players to their games. Esports is a prime example of this. The competition between esports and existing content helps publishers to grow active and active communities around their titles, enhancing the gamers’ performances so they can turn their titles into true entertainment brands. The number of viewers can easily outnumber the number of gamers and could provide as much monetization opportunities as the players themselves. Financial transactions conducted by players with smart contracts that run on the Ethereal blockchain, so that their implementation can not be externally manipulated, can only be executed in accordance with predefined results.

The definition of the eSports market, as defined by SuperData Research, includes

The Followingcategories :

  • Sponsorships & advertising
  • eSports betting & fantasy sites
  • Major League Gaming prize pools
  • Micro tournaments
  • Merchandise
  • Ticket sales

Potential platform volume Our solution for providing an opportunity for everyone: to play in a safe and secure environment, in AI-supervised games on our servers, which are guaranteed to be free of cheating.


The tokens issued by can be used in the following main areas:

  • playing in matches and win further tokens
  • ranking rewards
  • vetoing debated match results
  • organizing private tournaments
  • betting events (later)
  • Coinflip, jackpot(inventory elements) (later)
  • selling / buying inventory elements (later)
  • referral rewards

Token acquisition

As one of the utility tokens, GGS is involved in every ecosystem activity and process. GGS can be obtained through one of original apps, from other players who through transfer can through competitive games with players from claiming referral award or other method in platform. The players will have the ability to acquire GGS by sending Ether (“ETH”) to the GGS creation contract in blocked during presale. Integrated as third-party trading solutions as Shapeshift and Coinbase for users who do not have ETH, is created.


The platform to be developed is divided into several areas to keep it low and lighten the network load. The planned areas are as follows :

  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America

Users can download the application to be used from our guide page, will run in electron framework in JavaScript, HTML, CSS basic platform will not depend on the user’s operating system. The first anti-cheat defense program is found in the client application. It monitors the programs used by the user and their interference with the running game program. An interface that will allow users to create accounts by setting up a new Ethereal address with Ether through an established payment processor.

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