Along with the development of platform world in the world of social networking, especially in kriptocurrency community. We hereby present InvestFeed. We found this to be inspired by the problems that often occur in the world of platforms and especially in the kriptocurrency community. Hopefully with the presence of InvestFeed can enable people to build a more professional relationship, learn, manage their wallets, and exchange ideas. We integrate emergency crypto into the traditional financial world and to create a gateway to an open, transparent, and rewarding marketplace for all active and passive users, contributors and financial institutions that are more easily accessible wherever they are And whenever needed. This is our main goal. And our presence may disrupt the cryptographic industry by bringing the concept of transparency and convenience to all current usages that may be lacking.

Maybe 3 years ago exactly in 2014, we have operated and have a fully built-out social investment platform with some social networking features. The InvestFeed social network is available in Android and iOS app stores. On social networks, Ability for industry professionals, media entities, merchants, enthusiasts, new entrants, and blockchain companies, as follows:
•Member profiles with optional advanced fields for strategy and performance of merchants, networks, career profiles, company profiles, and more
• Cross platform real-time member to member direct messaging
• Ability to post and apply industry careers related to the blockchain industry
• Commenting, liking, sharing, member-generated content

With some of the above capabilities, the fiture we provide is easy to use and more secure so that users are free to use it as needed. Live streaming and channel feeds for all current and upcoming crypto and projects based on the currency ticker or project name. Members can interact with this feed by sharing 500 characters into the stream, publish and share articles to stream, upload and share multimedia audio / video to the stream, share portfolio ownership, performance, and trading activity into the stream.

The investFeed platform uses FEED Tokens as a payment requirement and provides added value to its users. The convenience of offers we can provide, FEED tokens will be activated for instant transfer of members, securely deposited funds in Multi-Sig Wallet, and your funds will be available on the milestones. We then explain a bit about Wallet and Exchange Integration as follows :
• InvestFeed will allow members to place trades directly on the platform using the existing crypto account of Ethereum, Bitcoin, bursa, wallet, etc. through 3rd party integration.
• Multiple account portfolio aggregation.

ERC20 is a standard token we use, so users can easily integrate in transactions. All data transactions in Ethereal block can be monitored at any time, one of them like on the site: https: // etherscan.

The safety and security we give you can be enjoyed on the investFeed Platform. For that We proudly provide everything based on need, as well as from some problems that often occur in other Platform and this is the solution. And we are users especially in this community, to start switching to digital transactions. Then we also believe and believe to be able to restore the power of our community into the hands of the people. So you users do not hesitate to use it, For this one you must try it. Together with InvestFeed you can control your earning potential as well as you can also control your investment.

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