Why every employee must be engaged (with their jobs and with social media)
Shel Holtz

I have to agree with Shel… engaged staff win the day, every day.

Let us triple your bottom line..

With perhaps the possible exception of Ryanair, any company of any size needs it’s staff and managers focused on its stakeholders including vendors, community members and of course their customers.

While it is easy to “mandate” that all employees take customers into consideration… developing meaningful and productive relationships with customers, fellow employees (and other stakeholders) is no easy task; a task made more difficult because many employees have minimal direct customer contact; indeed many employees never meet each other (as well).

Only by fostering, encouraging and developing meaningful and direct communications between all stakeholder and all employees can a business truly align itself with the self interests of its community and customers; social media can let your technical experts show their passion and abilities but it can do the same for the entire company.

The Power of People

If being a cog in a vast machine is dehumanizing leading to angst and “lives of quiet desperation” employees being recognized for their humanity, their unique abilities and voice should, could, and can be the catalyst that boosts their passion and self-worth. A company filled with communicative and passionate people who care about themselves, their company and their customers can only help boost the triple bottom line; people, profits and planet.

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